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Council Recap: 17 January 2023

Like many of my Council colleagues have noted, I have also enjoyed many of the holiday festivities that were provided by the Town, including the New Years Eve fireworks and the launch of our 50th anniversary.

I must admit, however, that I am disappointed with one of the outcomes of the evening.

Last year, I expressed my concern regarding the increased number of collisions that have been occurring on Peacekeepers Way. We have had a number of reckless drivers, indeed, but also the engineering of the highway does not necessarily facilitate the increased demand of our growing community.

All of which to say, I was, frankly, shocked, to see that during the evening of our fireworks displayed, I counted over 30 vehicles pulled over on Peacekeepers way in Kelligrews, parked to seemingly watch the fireworks. Meanwhile, there was bumper to bumper traffic in both directions, trying to get through the congestion safely. It actually got to the point where two RNC patrol vehicles had to come and shoo people away.

It clearly bears repeating: people, please be safe on our highways. If a child got out in the middle of the road while it’s dark, or if an elderly person experienced some sort of mobility and accessibility challenges, then we would have a devastated community. If you want to view the fireworks, I would encourage you to take some extra time to get to a safe location for you to enjoy, instead of putting yourself and others at risk.

I want to thank the RNC for their prompt response and their continued efforts to enhance the safety of our community.

Until next time,

Josh Barrett

Councillor At-Large

Conception Bay South

Every action you do is a vote for the type of person you will become. - James Clear

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