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Council Recap: 1 November 2022

Well, another day, and another motor vehicle accidents on Peacekeepers Way. I have to say, it’s incredibly concerning to see the number of collisions that have been occurring on our highways this year. Our number one priority in the Town of Conception Bay South is safety, and that’s for staff and all of our residents.

I’ve been working with our Fire Chief these past few days, and for 2022 our fire department has responded to a total of 12 motor vehicle accidents to date, which includes five cases with injuries and at least one fatality. Depending on the accident, this may look like multiple vehicle collisions, but our department has also responded to ATV collisions and motor vehicle and pedestrian collisions. These are just incidents our department has responded too – I suspect in actual fact the number of incidents are much higher

I know these incidents are typically classified as accidents, but I believe that in most cases, accidents are preventable if we are adhering to the rules of the road. So for residents, I would encourage you to please be safe as we go across our Town. There are a number of blind turns and we don’t always know what’s on the other side of it.

Having said that, our Town continues to see tremendous growth, which has subsequently increased the level of traffic on our roads. So I am joining the call from our fellow MHAs to ask the Province to consider improving and enhancing the safety of Peacekeepers Way. It is a tremendous asset for our Town, and we want to ensure it remains an asset and not a liability or unsafe for our residents.

Until next time,

Josh Barrett

Councillor At-Large

Conception Bay South

Don't believe everything you think. - BJ Millier

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