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Council Recap: 13 June 2023

I want to start off by saying congratulations to two different groups today. First of all myself, Mayor Bent and Councillor Hillier as well as some of our staff attended the grand opening of Coastal Tire Recycling earlier this month. This was one of the bigger files that hit the Planning desk during our term and I was very happy to be a part of the grand opening just a year after we received their initial planning application. Congratulations to all of those that made this a reality.

My second series of congratulations goes to all of those that participated in this year’s Giv’er on the River. The wet and rainy weather didn’t deter some 200+ walkers and runners from giving it their all for 3 or 5K. The cherry on top was, at the finish line, you were greeted by a very cold and wet albeit amped up Council giving medals and a dancing Councillor Tilley. If you missed it, fret not, there’s always next year.

On a more serious matter, I was shocked to see a video circulating social media where two individuals were using dirt bikes, without helmets, in Chamberlains Park. Chamberlains Park! I couldn’t believe it. A resident caught them on camera, which was subsequently be shared with the RNC and charges have been made against these people. The park is also under extra patrol from our municipal enforcement officers.

Common sense would tell you not to use a dirt bike in Chamberlains Park, but apparently some people are lacking that. So hear it from me: it is illegal to use dirt bikes not only in Chamberlains Park but all of Town owned trails. If you do, we will catch you, and you’ll receive a hefty fine.

Until next time,

Josh Barrett

Councillor At-Large

Conception Bay South

The myth is that there isn't enough time. There is plenty of time. There isn't enough focus with the time you have. You win by directing your attention toward better things. - James Clear

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