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Council Recap: 7 March 2023

Tonight I wanted to take a few moments to talk about a meeting I attended recently, and that was with the Town’s Senior’s Advisory Committee.

I was, and remain, truly blown away by the amount of work that this committee leads, to the point where I want to highlight just a few of their priorities for the coming years.

Accessible Public Buildings: Ensuring there are accessible entrances, benches, seating, and railing for local businesses and organizations.

Accessible T’Railway: Ensure there are safe parking areas to avail of the T’Railway.

Ensure Roadside Signage is Visible: Remove trees and other obstructions that impede view, with the potential to develop an external reporting platform similar to our report a pothole but expanding it to report a road safety concern.

Engaging and Expanding Volunteers: This includes a repository of existing volunteers and recruiting new volunteers to work with seniors.

Address Lack of Affordable Housing Options: This could range from rezoning land to approving more multi-use properties.

Address The Lack of Medical Care Options in Conception Bay South: This ranges from options to doctor offices, walk in clinics, and more.

I could go on, but I’ll park it there. These objectives, these priorities, they will truly benefit the entire town, whether its accessible parking for the T’Railway, or addressing the lack of affordable housing options. All of these priorities would impact the quality of life of all residents.

This is really only a snapshot of some of the objectives that this committee will be working on over the next several years. Beyond priorities, this committee has also noted various short, medium, and long term action items to fulfill these goals.

The takeaway? Helping seniors positively impacts our entire community.

Thank you to Councillor Butler and the Seniors Advisory Committee for the invitation to attend this past week’s meeting and I look forward to hearing more outcomes from your work.

Until next time,

Josh Barrett

Councillor At-Large

Conception Bay South

Don't believe everything you think. - BJ Miller

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