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Council Updates: September 20, 2022

I want to extend a congratulations to RNC CBS Patrol Services Team who were recently honoured on September 14 with a Public Service Award of Excellence. The Public Service Award of Excellence recognizes individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the public service. It is the highest honour an employee can receive from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. In particular, the team recognized for this award is:

Constable Daniel Cadigan, Constable Kyle Fowler, Constable Brittany Hierlihy, Constable Stephen Martin, Constable Alexander O’Keefe and Constable Jake Sharpe.

Since establishing a branch in CBS in 2018, the RNC provides a new era of public safety across the Town, whether it’s responding to emergency incidents at Manuels River or monitoring speeds in school zones, which I was happy to notice their presence.

So once again I just wanted to extend my congratulations to the RNC CBS Patrol Services team and thank them for their service to enhancing public safety in our community.

Until next time,

Josh Barrett

Councillor At-Large

Conception Bay South

There's no difference between a pessimist who says, 'Oh, it's hopeless, so don't bother doing anything,' and an optimistic who says, 'Don't bother doing anything, it's going to turn out fine anyway.' Either way, nothing happens. - Yvon Chouinard

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